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Join Francine Neago as
she raises an orphaned orangutan in Java!
Uturat Publishing  

by Francine Neago & Esther Kerr.
Hardcover, 48 Pages, nine B&W illustrations.

How delightful for children to see into the home of renowned primatologist, Francine Neago, as she raises an orphaned orangutan in Java, Indonesia! The orangutan behaved like a normal child— copying all the family’s actions.

A must-read for home, school, and community library. Contains a glossary, index, and more reading pages.

Uturat Publishing Chanhassen, MN, USA, 952-393-2906
$24.95. (USA)
ISBN: 978-0-9776819-0-7

Testimonials from readers:

   This book is not only entertaining and delightful, but also very informative, and incredible!

   I felt tenderness as I read of Tuan's unique humanlike characteristics. Each day he shared and returned love and understanding in his busy, creative, and sometimes mischievous days. I would like to have met him. Heartwarming!
- Mary Murphy, MN

   This book certainly shows that animals such as orangutans have intelligence. I have always known that.

   I also felt light and happy reading the book. I think most adults would enjoy it as I did. I'm glad I bought it for my grandchildren. I think the message it conveys is very timely.
- Di Bailey




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